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Huddleston Goes 2 for 2 at Memphis, Lowmad Takes 63rd Annual World Series of Drag Racing Victory

The Lowmad thundered back onto the scene this past weekend at the 63rd Annual World Series of Drag Racing held at Memphis International Raceway. After missing the past few events due to mechanical issues out of the team's hands, the historic wagon returned with familiar parts and had familiar results!

While the fan attendance wasn't what many had hoped, the show put on by the racers was undeniably great. A strong group of nitro competitiors, nostalgia racing at its best, and a field full of hitters in the Pro Modified category made for exciting on track action. In their return event, Thomas Huddleston and The Lowmad jumped into the middle of the action right off the bat in qualifying. In the first full pass on the new engine and blower combination, the Lowmad threw down a nice 3.81 in 140+ degree track temps to land in the #4 spot when qualifying was completed.

Saturday's action would be equally as hot both on and off the track. Consistency would prove to be the name of the game on this day. After getting through the first 2 rounds of competition with nice 3.80 and 3.81 runs, the Lowmad paired up with #1 qualifier Mike Recchia in the semi's. Both Thomas and Mike were all over the tree with .025 and .027 lights respectively, but The Lowmad's 3.85 would prove to be to much and grabbed the slot in the final round! In the finals, it was a pair of familiar hot rods as Huddleston brought the Lowmad up against Southern hitter John Sullivan. Another consistent run would park the Lowmad in the Winner's Circle as a 3.86 grabbed the victory!

Lowmad driver Thomas Huddleston was thrilled with the weekend's outcome, "It was a great weekend for the Lowmad Team. To be back out in our hot rod after the past few events was a lot of fun. Being able to take this many new pieces and grab the win at such a historic event was even more incredible! Looks like The Lowmad has a favorite track here in Memphis."

As always, The Lowmad Team would like to thank their honest and loyal Marketing Partners: Huddleston Performance, PTC Converters, Butler Performance, DragCoverage.com, Over Kill Motorsports, and Hoosier Tires.

The Lowmad will be in action again September 9-10 at Montgomery Raceway Park for the next stop of the ProModifieds.us Southern Shootout Tour!

Lowmad Set To Return at World Series of Drag Racing, Looking for Second Win of Season at Memphis International Raceway

For the past few Southern Outlaw events, The Lowmad has been missing in action due to influences outside of the team's control. Thanks to David and Michael Elsberry, the Huddleston Family has been able to continue racing while eliminating the issues plaguing the historic wagon. However, that all is set to change as the Lowmad will make its return to action next weekend at Memphis International Raceway for the longest running American drag race, the World Series of Drag Racing!

The return couldn't come soon enough for the historic wagon, as Memphis International Raceway is a favorite of both the screw blown wagon and the Huddleston Family. The site of their first win in Pro Modified earlier this season at MIR, the team is eager to get The Lowmad back to her winning ways as quickly as possible!

The upcoming World Series of Drag Racing is an exciting opportunity for Lowmad Driver Thomas Huddleston, "We are pumped to get back out with our own hot rod. We can't thank the Elsberry Family enough for their generosity, but nothing compares to racing this wagon! The crew at MIR has put together an awesome event with the World Series, we are looking forward to racing in front of a huge crowd and enjoying some nitro cars while we run. Hopefully we can bring another win back to Middle Tennessee!"

As always, The Lowmad Team would like to thank all of their marketing partners who make it possible: Huddleston Performance, PTC Converters, Butler Performance, DragCoverage.com, Hoosier Tires, and Overkill Motorsports.

The World Series of Drag Racing takes place August 26-27 at Memphis International Raceway. Come check out The Lowmad live, along with nitro cars and more Pro Modifieds!

Thomas Huddleston Wins Glass Doctor Showdown in Elsberry Loaned 57 Chevy

As the Glass Doctor Showdown at Huntsville Dragway drew near this past weekend, the Huddleston Family prepped their Huddleston Performance Lowmad for battle. At the last hour they discovered issues with the iconic machine that would put them out of competition for the weekend. As luck would have it, David Elsberry's rece...ntly acquired Screw Blown 1957 Chevy was available and he was gracious enough to loan it to Thomas Huddleston to compete for the weekend.

The newly formed partnership came with a lot of unknown variables to start the weekend, as the new car had not made a full pull in testing prior to the event. Friday would prove to have gremlins as the Huddleston Family and young crew chief Michael Elsberry would fight off small issues. However, by the end of Friday evening the team had found a number of answers and Saturday's race would be a much different story.

Saturday morning Thomas came to the starting line against current #2 in the Southern Outlaw points, Tim Segars. When the ambers lit, Thomas jumped to a sizeable advantage with his .014 light to Segars .062. That would prove to be enough, as the 57 Chevy thundered to a 3.98 in its first full run to edge out Segars 3.95 elapsed time. In the finals it would be the young team coming up against the current #1 qualifier, John Sullivan. Huddleston would be all over the tree again as he got out of the gate first with a .031 light. Crew chief Michael Elsberry stepped on the tune-up, giving Thomas a nice 3.91 to beat out Sullivan's quicker 3.87 for the race win!

The Huddleston Family would like to personally thank both David Elsberry and Michael Elsberry for their over the top efforts in taking home the Glass Doctor Showdown victory!

Huddleston Performance Lowmad Debuts AJPE 5300 Combo, Finds Winner's Circle at Memphis Super Chevy Show

The Huddleston Family came into their opening race of the season with more questions than answers, entering the Memphis Super Chevy Show with a brand new AJPE 5300 engine between the historic wagon's framerails. As the weekend went on, the answers became more clear until they found themselves sitting in the Winner's Circle on the new combinations maiden trip into competition!

The weekend began promising as Thomas Huddleston put the Lowmad in the #2 qualifying spot with a nice 3.78 run early in qualifying. A conservative approach to the new package would prove to be the key on Sunday. High winds made things difficult for teams, but the Lowmad marched straight down broadway each run to find itself in the final round. The finals saw the Huddleston Team come up against Tim Segars and his Batman Team. It would be over early as Segars left the red light glowing, helping to put the Lowmad in the Winner's Circle for the first time with the Huddleston Team.

Lowmad Driver Thomas Huddleston couldn't have been more excited for the new combos performance and his first Pro Modified victory, "What a great weekend! We came into this deal with realistic expectations, but hopes we could make some noise with this new engine program. To qualify at the top of the pack and bring home the race win in our first outing is unbelievable. I'm excited to get more data on this combination, we have a lot of horsepower we just have to be smart enough to use it. The rest of 2016 should be fun as we figure out this 5300 combination."

The Lowmad Team would like to thank all of their 2016 Marketing Partners: Huddleston Performance, Alan Johnson Performance Engineering, PTC Converters, Butler Performance, OverKill Motorsports, Hoosier Tires, and DragCoverage.com.

DragCoverage.com Joins Growing List of Lowmad Marketing Partners in 2016; Races, Columns, and Coverage To Anchor Partnership

A number of changes have been coming with the Lowmad Team for the 2016 season. Joining those changes is the team from one of the most popular online Drag Racing sources, DragCoverage.com. The new partnership will see the Lowmad Team and DragCoverage.com coming together on a number of projects in 2016.

First on the list is Huddleston Performance coming into the DragCoverage.com Nationals at Atmore Dragway as the Title Sponsor of the Jr. Dragster class. The DC Team puts on multiple races at Atmore Dragway, the first being April 24th and the second being September 24th. Both events will see the DragCoverage.com and Huddleston Performance names on the card, with the Lowmad competing throughout each event.

The remainder of the partnership will see Marketing efforts on behalf of both teams. Huddleston Performance and the Lowmad will have a presence on the DragCoverage.com website, with Lowmad driver Thomas Huddleston writing a monthly column for the online Drag Racing community. While DragCoverage.com will be on the Lowmad and Huddleston Performance websites, with the Lowmad itself also carrying the DC brand.

Lowmad driver Thomas Huddleston couldn't be more excited about the new affiliation, "TJ Pruitt (DC owner) and I have been friends for many years now. He was one of the first I got to know in the media once I graduated from the Jr. Dragster ranks. To be able to come together on a multi level deal all these years later is exciting for us. I think we will be able to bounce a number of marketing ideas off each other to grow the DragCoverage.com, Huddleston Performance, and Lowmad brands!"

If you haven't visited DragCoverage.com be sure to swing by, join the message boards, and enjoy one of the best Drag Racing Communities around.

Butler Performance Looks to Expand, Teams with Lowmad PX Entry for 2016 Season

Butler Performance has long since been one of the top sources for high horsepower Pontiac and now LS combinations. Kings of the street, as proven by Street Outlaw Star “Big Chief”, the Butler Performance team is looking to expand into the Pro Modified parts world in 2016. To tap this market they have joined forces with the Huddleston Performance Pro Extreme entry known as the “Lowmad”.

The new partnership will see Butler Performance providing parts for the new AJPE 5.300 Hemi’s going into the infamous wagon. It will also see them expanding their parts line up to supply many of the replacement parts within today’s Pro Modified engines.

Lowmad Driver Thomas Huddleston is excited to help bring the Butler Performance Team into the Pro Modified ranks, “We’re very pleased to announce our partnership with David and the guys at Butler Performance. We’ve known them a number of years through our Jr. Dragster ties, and have been discussing a partnership on the Lowmad for a few months now. Seeing their business grow to a point where we can hopefully help them from a marketing standpoint is exciting for all of us involved.”

For full details on Butler Performance and their go fast products, visit them at www.ButlerPerformance.com and www.Butler-LS.com .

AJPE Joins Huddleston Performance Lowmad, 5.300 Hemi To Boost Historic Wagon

The Lowmad Team spent the 2015 racing season learning the ropes of their new Pro Extreme entry. As the season came to an end, it was time for the Huddleston Family to make the next step in the infamous wagon’s career. Many hours of research led them to the team at Alan Johnson Performance Engineering for their next challenge.

After months of development, the new partnership will see a pair of AJPE 5.300 Hemi’s coming into the Lowmad’s stable for the 2016 season. The new engines are currently being finished for fitment to the 55’ Chevy Wagon, and both AJPE and the Huddleston Family are looking forward to the results from these powerful pieces.

Lowmad Driver and Huddleston Performance head engine builder Thomas Huddleston is thrilled with the new partnership, “We couldn’t ask for better people to work with on our Pro Extreme Program. We were looking to get outside the normal in 2016, and after some conversations with the guys at AJPE it became clear they were the right people for us. I’m excited to see what kind of numbers we can put up with this new combo. We will have quite a bit more horsepower than last season, and I think the results will show that as we progress in 2016.”

AJPE is just as eager to welcome Bo, Tammy, and Thomas Huddleston to their 5.300 Hemi Program in 2016. Owner Alan Johnson had this to say about the upcoming partnership, “Up until recently, Outlaw Pro-Modified did not have a minimum weight in place which made our 5.300 Hemi program unappealing to anyone considering an engine of this size. With changes the Huddleston’s have put in place to the “LOWMAD” along with several engine upgrades from the AJPE design team, we believe this will be a great fit for both AJPE and Huddleston Performance during the 2016 race season.”

The first of two 5.300 Hemi’s is scheduled for delivery by mid-January, and will hit the race track shortly after.

For more details on the AJPE 5.300 Hemi, or other AJPE products, visit www.AlanJohnsonPerformance.com .

For more Jr. Dragster information and all your Jr. Dragster needs, visit www.HuddlestonPerformance.com .

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